What Should We Pay Attention To When Selecting And Installing Centrifugal Fan

- Mar 14, 2019-

Concerning the selection and installation of centrifugal fans, attention should be paid to not only the air volume, total pressure, efficiency, speed and motor power of centrifugal fans, but also the sound pressure level of fans. If the centrifugal fan is still working in the scope of work, then too much noise will damage the health of staff, we must take into account the allocation of appropriate noise and shock reduction equipment.

On this basis, we should also pay attention to that if not necessary, try not to use multiple centrifugal fans in parallel or in series; if we need to use more than one equipment, then we must choose the same type of centrifugal fans with the same performance, and when using series mode, we must set up pipeline connection between two-stage fans.

When installing centrifugal fan, its steel frame must be fixed on the concrete base, and a porous rubber cushion should be installed between the steel frame and the concrete base; the foundation of centrifugal fan should be level, firm and have a certain height.

At the same time, the inlet and outlet of centrifugal fan should use non-combustible material hose to isolate the vibration of the body. In order to prevent the fan from inhaling the hose of the inlet during operation, it is necessary to reduce the cross-section size of the hose of the inlet; moreover, the pipeline of the inlet and outlet should be supported separately, so the weight of the pipeline can not be accumulated on the fan.

In addition, the outlet or intake of centrifugal fans should be equipped with insect-proof nets to prevent the inhalation of insects and other foreign bodies; if the outlet of centrifugal fans is outdoor and upward exhaust, it is necessary to add rain-and-wind caps; and the outlet diameter of centrifugal fans can only be larger than that of fans, can not be smaller than that of fans, and the connecting hose of the intake must be tight and appropriate. Taisong has the hidden danger of being sucked in.