Harm Of Excessive Vibration Of Centrifugal Fan

- Mar 17, 2019-

Centrifugal fan is different from other fans in that its working medium flows in and out along the axial direction of the fan and needs to work under the action of centrifugal force. Vibration is unavoidable for centrifugal fans. It refers to the maximum two-way amplitude of fan bearings, which should not exceed 0.10mm.


Once the vibration of centrifugal fan is too large, it will cause motor current too large, temperature rise too high, serious will cause motor coil over-burning; and it will also have adverse effects on bearing foot bolts and bearing, shaft and other parts. 

There are three reasons for the excessive vibration of centrifugal fans, one is the quality of fan manufacturing, the other is the quality of installation, and the third is the factors of operation.

In order to reduce the vibration of centrifugal fan, first of all, we must strictly observe the correct installation process, including facilities checking, inspection, basic inspection, marking, pad iron and the configuration of anchor bolts. Then install the centrifugal fan, pay attention to the installation of spare parts smoothly; after completion, correct the facilities.

Before the centrifugal fan is put into use, a comprehensive inspection is also needed, which involves the quality of the manufacturer's manufacturing and the process of transportation without damage and deformation, including the curvature of the shaft, which should not exceed 0.10mm. In this respect, due to the limitation of the conditions, only the theodolite can be used for rough inspection on the spot.