Common Faults And Reasons Of High Pressure Centrifugal Fan

- Feb 08, 2019-

1. Violent vibration of high-pressure centrifugal fan:

(1) The fan shaft is not concentric with the motor shaft, and the belt pulley groove is dislocated.

(2) Friction between casing or air inlet and impeller;

(3) The rigidity of the foundation is not enough or not strong enough;

(4) Rivet loosening or impeller deformation;

(5) The impeller shaft disc hole and the shaft are loosened;

(6) The connecting bolts of the casing, bearing seat and bracket, bearing seat and bearing cover are loosened;

(7) Improper installation of inlet and outlet pipes of fans causes resonance;

(8) The unbalance of the rotor is caused by the dust accumulation and dirt on the blade, the wear of the blade, the deformation of the impeller and the bending of the shaft.

2. The bearing temperature of high pressure centrifugal fan rises too high.

(1) Violent vibration of bearing box;

(2) The quality of lubricant is poor, deteriorating or containing impurities such as dust, sand, dirt or insufficient filling;

(3) Too much or too little tightening force of connecting bolts of bearing box cover and seat;

(4) The shaft and rolling bearing are installed skewed and the front and rear axles are not concentric;

(5) Rolling bearing damage or shaft bending.

3. The motor current of high-pressure centrifugal fan is too large or the temperature rise is too high.

(1) When driving, the inlet and outlet gas pipeline gates are not closed;

(2) Low input voltage of motor or single-phase power failure of power supply;

(3) Affected by violent vibration of bearing box;

(4) The spindle speed exceeds the rated value.