Attention During Painting Of Centrifugal Fan

- Mar 18, 2019-

After the centrifugal fan is assembled as a whole, spray painting is needed to meet the aesthetic needs and the necessary anti-corrosion conditions. But when spraying paint on centrifugal fans, more attention should be paid. If there is a little improper, the quality of spraying paint will be qualified, and the service life of centrifugal fans may be shortened.

Before painting the centrifugal fan, it must be properly handled, including degreasing and decontamination. At the same time, it is necessary to confirm that welding and smooth surface of parts are not allowed to have appearance defects. Then, it is necessary to pack the surface of parts such as motors that keep their original color.

Of course, the cleanliness of the environment is also important for the spray paint quality of centrifugal fans, so the dust on the ground and the surrounding objects must be cleaned up, and then the pressure of the air pump should be adjusted to no less than 4 MPa, while the spraying device and objects should not exceed 30 cm.

The paint used for centrifugal fan spraying should be prepared according to a certain proportion in advance. Basically, the consistency of the paint should meet the technical requirements and there should be no leakage, bubbles, orange peel and other quality defects after spraying. When the centrifugal fan has finished two times of rust-proof paint and two times of topcoat, the appearance of the centrifugal fan is bright, smooth and has good adhesion, which meets the technical requirements.

Because the motor wheel and triangle belt of centrifugal fan have potential safety hazards in the production process, it is necessary to spray paint with striking color. Finally, the whole drying or natural drying machine is riveted with labels and product nameplates to ensure that the riveting is firm, vibration and deformation are not allowed, and conform to the product.