What structure of bearings and bearing holders are suitable for centrifugal fans

- Feb 25, 2019-

Centrifugal fans also have bearings and their supporting bearing seats, which can also be divided into two types: integral type and split type. Although the type of bearing seat does not have much influence on centrifugal fans, they have their own characteristics. In order to ensure the perfect combination of bearings and bearing seats of centrifugal fans, this aspect should be considered.

The integral bearing box matched by centrifugal fan mainly includes upper cover, lower seat and cast iron parts. In order to ensure the lubricity of the bearing, the bearing box has an oil level meter, and uses 32 # or 46 # mechanical oil to lubricate the bearing, so that it can play a better role in the centrifugal fan.

The integral bearing seat can ensure the coaxiality of the front and rear bearing centers, and avoid the coaxiality error of the front and rear bearings caused by the poor alignment of the processing and installation of the split bearing seat, thus shortening the service life of the bearing and even burning the bearing.

But if the centrifugal fan is matched with the integral bearing seat, oil leakage is easy to occur, but after the optimization and improvement of its structure, this problem has been thoroughly solved. The main reform method is to adopt the combination of labyrinth seal and oil break groove, and open the oil return groove under the bearing end cover to improve the seal of the bearing.

The large centrifugal fan adopts separate bearing seat, which is generally lubricated by thin oil pool and fitted with cooling water pipe according to the design requirements. Once the bearing seat of this type is not machined or installed properly, it is easy to cause the coaxiality error of the bearing and shorten the service life of the bearing.

Therefore, in order to ensure the installation accuracy and tolerance of the bearing and bearing seat of the centrifugal fan, it is recommended that the bearing and box body be integrated assembly, which can be directly used on the centrifugal fan, and it is very convenient.