What other factors besides quality can cause higher energy consumption of centrifugal fans

- Feb 12, 2019-

There are many factors leading to higher energy consumption of centrifugal fans, including other aspects besides their own quality problems. If combined with practical application, the actual energy consumption of centrifugal fans is often caused by the obvious difference between the actual working point and the expected high efficiency working point.

In the process of actual operation of centrifugal fan, if the safety margin set by the staff is too large, or only blindly its high-grade performance zone, it will undoubtedly make the rated air volume of the fan exceed the performance required by actual work, which will naturally lead to an increase in its energy consumption.

In order to meet the needs of work, staff often choose throttling method to increase the operating resistance of centrifugal fan equipment, which will further increase the energy consumption of equipment, resulting in reduced efficiency. These are non-manufacturing factors that lead to higher energy consumption of centrifugal fan.

Of course, it is also possible that the power of centrifugal fan equipment and matching motor chosen by users is too large, but the actual use needs are ignored, which will also cause great waste. In addition, in the process of installing centrifugal fan equipment, the inappropriate design of pipeline system will increase the resistance of the centrifugal fan equipment pipeline network, and then increase its energy consumption, resulting in reduced efficiency.

When the centrifugal fan is in operation, the regulation mode is unreasonable, which will also reduce its working efficiency and lead to increased energy consumption. In addition, the energy consumption of centrifugal fans has a certain relationship with the daily management. If the management process is not appropriate, it will also cause energy waste.