What are the components of fan coil unit and their functions

- Feb 20, 2019-

The basic components of fan coil unit mainly include fan, motor, coil, condensate plate, air filter, air inlet, outlet style grid, controller, sound absorption material and box, each part of which plays a vital role in the whole system.

As far as the fan is concerned, its action is driven by the motor of one-way, multi-speed and low noise induction system. Only by adjusting the input voltage, the speed of the fan can be changed, so that the air volume of the fan can reach different grades. The switching mechanism of the fan

Electrical switch control, adjust the cooling capacity of fan coil unit accordingly.

It can be seen from this that the fan is the power source for conveying air and the disturbance source for enhancing convective heat transfer on the air side. When it is used in conjunction with the motor, the fan is also the main noise source of the unit, and the control of noise must start from this aspect.

The exhaust pipe in fan coil unit is an air-water heat exchanger made of fin tube. When refrigerant water flows in the tube, condensate water will be formed on the outer surface of the tube because its temperature is lower than the dew point temperature of the air, which is helpful to improve the heat transfer effect.

Under the coil is the condensate pan of the fan-coil unit, and at the same position there is a drain nozzle. The two functions are to accept the continuous condensation of water droplets from the coil unit and discharge them outdoors by the drain nozzle, so as to avoid harmful effects on the inside of the fan-coil unit.

The air filter and the air inlet and outlet grids are also part of the fan coil unit. The former function is to filter dust and prevent the dust from blocking the coil and deteriorating heat transfer. The latter function is to change the indoor air distribution and enhance comfort.