Two Contents and Specific Regulation Method of Effective Regulation of Centrifugal Fan

- Feb 27, 2019-

Generally speaking, proper adjustment can not only improve the use effect of centrifugal fan, but also save a certain amount of energy consumption cost for users, making it one of the indispensable equipment in our life and work.

For the effective regulation of centrifugal fans, the first thing to be regulated is the size of the fan air volume, and the adjustment methods applicable to different requirements are also different. If the adjustment depth of centrifugal fan is very large, it is more suitable to adopt the speed regulation method; if the output range of fan is small, then it can adopt the guide adjustment more reasonable, regardless of which adjustment method, can better help the fan to complete the process of ventilation and ventilation.

Of course, the way of regulation is also related to the type of centrifugal fan. For example, for the backward bending centrifugal fan, the economy of speed regulation is better, especially in the case of large adjustment depth. But if it is a forward bending centrifugal fan, when the adjustment depth is less than 70%, it is recommended to use the axial guide to adjust.

In addition, when choosing the adjustment method for centrifugal fan, many factors such as the size, cost, complexity of manufacture and maintenance should be taken into account. Only when the comprehensive performance is good, can the centrifugal fan be selected.

Secondly, it is necessary to effectively adjust the speed of centrifugal fan, which is not directly related to the form of blades, so it is widely used.

From this point of view, we have different adjusting methods for centrifugal fans, but the basic principle is to adjust the centrifugal fans according to the actual situation and environmental needs, in order to achieve the ideal use effect and energy saving and environmental protection purposes.