How to Eliminate the Pressure and Dust in High Temperature Fan Effectively

- Feb 09, 2019-

After trying, we know that if the pressure of high temperature fan is too high, it will cause bad consequences such as temperature fluctuation and lower exhaust effect. Under such conditions, it is difficult to obtain a good production and use environment, so the general manufacturers will install accessories to reduce the pressure.

And through investigation, it is found that the pressure problem is a common problem of high temperature fan, mainly considering the control range of pressure size. If the range of pressure size can be well controlled, then the use effect can be guaranteed to a certain extent.

In order to better control the pressure of high-temperature fan, pressure relief valve is often used. It is a unloading valve. When the pressure of high-temperature fan exceeds the pressure set by pressure relief valve, pressure relief valve will automatically open, release the excess pressure, and also play a good role in protecting the fan.

Due to the different quality of high temperature fans produced by different manufacturers, different degrees of dust will be produced. In some harsh production environment, high temperature fans should be equipped with filters in addition to pressure relief valves. At the same time, filter elements with different filtering accuracy should be matched according to different application sites.

Different filter elements have different maintenance methods and service life, we must choose a good filter, so that the filter can fully play a role in protecting the effect of high temperature fan. In addition, when configuring the structure device to eliminate the pressure of high temperature fan, we must do a good job of heat dissipation measures to avoid the loss caused by the rise of temperature, so as to improve the overall use quality of the fan.