Function and Type Selection of Centrifugal Fan in Kitchen

- Mar 01, 2019-

1. The function of centrifugal fan in kitchen 1. Drainage, extract all kinds of fumes and other exhaust gas from kitchen. 2. Air supply, while removing the exhaust gas, delivers fresh air to the kitchen. 3. Cooling, the kitchen itself is a high temperature length, through the role of centrifugal fan can take away the heat of the kitchen, and the entry of fresh air with lower external temperature, can also achieve the purpose of cooling. In order to achieve the above functions, centrifugal fans in the kitchen application, generally also need to cooperate with smoke hood, air duct, lampblack purifier and other equipment to use together, through the collaboration of various parts of the ventilation system, extract kitchen exhaust gas, to achieve the purpose of clean kitchen environment. It is also necessary to supplement enough fresh air through the fresh air system, which is more conducive to the kitchen production environment.

Second, the selection of kitchen centrifugal fan is mainly based on the size of the kitchen area and the environment, such as cooking equipment, smoke hood and pipe length, elbow geometry and so on.