Essentials for Selecting Blades of Centrifugal Fan Components

- Feb 02, 2019-

The normal operation and work of a centrifugal fan after assembly can not be separated from each of its components and their cooperation, so the effectiveness of each component on the centrifugal fan must be ensured. The blade of centrifugal fan is of great significance.

The reason why centrifugal fan can achieve the effect of ventilation and ventilation is mainly produced by blades, and we can also find that there are certain differences in the number of blades of different fan types, and the use effect is also different.

Therefore, the centrifugal fan should not only consider its quality, but also consider the number of blades when selecting blades. For each impeller, there is an ideal number of blades, of course, the specific number of blades, sometimes according to the experience of the designer.

Secondly, the blade outlet angle of centrifugal fan is one of the parameters to be considered in design. Different blade outlet angles have different blade classifications, including strong backward-curved blade, backward-curved arc blade, backward-curved straight blade, backward-curved wing blade, radial outlet blade, radial straight blade, Forward-curved blade, strong Forward-curved blade and so on, which are used in different fans.

When choosing centrifugal fan blade, it also involves the selection of blade type. Under certain rotational speed, the pressure coefficient of backward impeller is smaller, the diameter of impeller is larger, and its efficiency is higher; for forward impeller, the opposite is true. Therefore, it is necessary to calculate the diameter of the fan blade according to the actual situation of the fan, so that the blade suitable for the centrifugal fan can be selected.

In fact, it is not just the blades, any other components of the centrifugal fan should be carefully selected like this, in order to ensure that the centrifugal fan can achieve high efficiency in the future.