Does centrifugal fan have volute effect

- Feb 28, 2019-

1. Classification and Common Types of Centrifugal Fans

Although there are two kinds of centrifugal fans: volute centrifugal fan and volute centrifugal fan, the volute centrifugal fan is commonly used because it is an upgraded and improved product of volute-free centrifugal fan, which are used in different occasions.

2. Current situation of centrifugal fan application after technical progress

Driven by technological advances, voluteless centrifugal fans are becoming more and more popular, so many users will regard them as an upgraded version with volute centrifugal fans.

3. The difference between different types of centrifugal fans

Compared with centrifugal fan without volute, centrifugal fan with volute cover has a volute. Don't underestimate this part. It can effectively increase the efficiency of static pressure head and high-pressure section of centrifugal fan.

If the volute of the volute centrifugal fan is removed, the static pressure head in most of the air volume range of the volute centrifugal fan will be significantly lower than that of the centrifugal fan with the volute. In addition, the efficiency of the fan in the high pressure area is also lower than that of the centrifugal fan with the volute.

But there are still some static pressure heads in the range of air volume which are higher than centrifugal fans with volutes, and the efficiency of fans in low pressure area is also higher than that of centrifugal fans with volutes. Not only that, after removing the volute, the air volume of the centrifugal fan will also increase, which is more advantageous in some ways.